Are you looking to improve your smile with straight teeth? When it comes to straightening your teeth, there are a number of options to choose from. Some of these include clear aligners, lingual braces, and ceramic braces. These newer dental alignment tools seem to outshine traditional metal braces. However, when well used and maintained, metal braces could offer advantages over other contemporary braces. Below are seven benefits of using metal braces to align your teeth.

1. They Are the Best Option for Tough Realignment Cases

Metal braces are the most effective teeth alignment solution for numerous orthodontic solutions because they allow the orthodontist to correct teeth alignments by planning the treatment and shifting of every tooth. This treatment offers life-changing and dramatic results.

Below are some tooth problems that can be easily corrected by using traditional braces:

  • Gaps in between the teeth
  • Misalignment
  • Crossbites
  • Overcrowding
  • Overbites
  • Protruding teeth
  • Underbites

Before settling for any orthodontic treatment, it’s essential to check the effectiveness of the dental alignment tools available. We strive to achieve a beautiful smile with healthy and well-aligned teeth based on your personal preferences and needs.

2. They Work Fast

Metal braces work very fast, especially when well-cared for. This is because of the sophistication and complexity of the braces’ system. Typically, most people wear metal braces for up to three years. However, some people only need them for one year.

Purchasing metal braces is an excellent investment for both your time and money. They deliver you a lifetime benefit of good dental health.

3. Metal Braces Are Affordable

Old-fashioned metal braces are more affordable than other teeth alignment tools. Some insurance policies also cover them. However, if your health insurance policy doesn’t cover metal braces, you can use a medical credit card to pay for your treatment.

Many orthodontic practices accept medical credit cards. However, before applying for one, ensure you check your credit history, lender’s interest rate, income, and current debt-to-income ratio. These factors will determine whether the lender approves the credit card.

There are also credit cards that are specifically designed to pay for costly dental treatments. Such cards allow you to pay for dental therapies without requiring any down payments.

4. They Are Quite Durable

Unlike other types of dental alignment equipment, traditional metal braces are designed to last as long as your treatment duration. That’s because they are very strong and durable. The braces can also survive everyday wear and tear of brushing and chewing food.

Metal braces are created using titanium or stainless steel, both of which are quite durable. They are also strong and resistant to breakage. However, you will need to avoid prohibited foods such as hard vegetables and crunchy snacks.

Additionally, metal braces will not disrupt your everyday life. One of the significant benefits of braces is that you can continue carrying out your everyday activities such as rigorous exercises and sports without worry.

5. They Will Provide You With Continuous Dental Care

Medical braces often stay in place, aligning your teeth until you’re done with the treatment. This is an advantage because it ensures that there is no interruption in your treatment and dental care. Other popular treatment options such as clear alignments are often removed by the patient when they need to eat or brush their teeth.

While clear aligners are an excellent option for patients who don’t want to have food restrictions, it can be challenging to stay disciplined and harvest the full benefits of the treatment. Additionally, clear aligners may not work effectively if they are not worn for 20-22 hours every day.

Thus, traditional metal braces are the best dental tools for individuals who may prefer not to worry about the efficiency of their orthodontic treatment. They are also great for you if you don’t want to schedule multiple appointments to get your teeth fixed. With metal braces, they start working immediately after you leave the orthodontist’s office.

6. They Will Help You Avoid Other More Complicated Dental Procedures

If you don’t take care of your orthodontic issues immediately, they may get worse. However, your teeth will remain healthy and strong forever if you take good care of them. And the first step to doing this is through orthodontic care.

Metal braces will relieve the pressure within the teeth and align them while still helping you better care for your dental health. Having traditional metal braces could even help you eliminate the requirement for dentures and teeth extractions in the future.

7. They Help You Improve Your Smile

Straight teeth help you have a beautiful smile, a significant source of delight and pride for many individuals. Therefore, after getting your orthodontic treatment with metal braces, you will no longer need to hide your smile and teeth when meeting new people or taking photographs.

A beautiful and excellent smile will improve your confidence, especially when meeting new people. It will also make you feel good when attending social and professional events, including weddings, business meetings, and graduations. Thus, getting metal braces is the answer to a beautiful smile.

Are You Ready to Get Your Metal Braces Today?

Are you wondering how to get a better smile? By using traditional teeth straightening tools such as metal braces, you will have a beautiful smile and well-aligned teeth. And you will reap the benefits of healthier and stronger teeth for a lifetime.

Metal braces are durable, strong, fast, and very effective. They are an excellent option for individuals who require orthodontic care, and the results they provide will last a lifetime, improving your confidence and your general well-being.

Are you ready to get metal braces to improve your smile? Contact us today at Bennion Lambourne Orthodontics for a consultation.