Orthodontic treatment has made several advancements over the years. Since their introduction to the market in the 1990’s, Invisalign has become regarded as the premier treatment for people wishing to discreetly straighten their smile. At Bennion and Lambourne Orthodontics in Billings, Montana, we offer Invisalign as a viable alternative to traditional braces. To learn more about clear aligners, continue reading below! 


Clear Aligners: What Are They?  

Commonly referred to as Invisalign, there are now several different brands of clear aligners on the market today. Clear aligners consist of two transparent trays that are fitted to a patient’s mouth. Using 3-D imaging, our office in Billings, Montana will map out the positioning of your teeth currently and where we want them to be instead. Patients then receive sets of removable plastic trays that will push their teeth into a straightened position over time. Every two months, patients will receive a new set of aligner trays that more accurately align to the present position of their teeth. The average treatment lasts about two years, although some patients experience results within a shorter timeframe.  


Are Clear Aligners Right for Me?  

For patients wanting to bypass metal braces, whether for personal or professional reasons, clear aligners are a viable alternative. The orthodontic option of clear aligners has become especially popular among teenagers and adults. The discreet appearance of clear aligners allows patients to go about their normal routine without much intervention. Traditional metal braces require frequent visits for tightening and adjustments, whereas clear aligners do not. The best way to determine if clear aligners are right for you is to visit our orthodontic office for an examination of your mouth and also to discuss your smile goals.  


Pros and Cons of Clear Aligners  

With any treatment, there are pros and cons for patients to consider prior to making any decision.  Let’s take a quick look at a few items everyone should know before considering clear aligners for orthodontic treatment:  

  • Pro: Removable. Patients who do not wish to have braces permanently affixed to their teeth may prefer the clear aligners because they can be removed. This means you do not have to avoid certain foods and also makes brushing/flossing much easier.  
  • Pro: Minimal Visits. For patients who have busy schedules due to work or other obligations, clear aligners are beneficial in that there are less follow-up visits required.  
  • Con: Commitment. Patients must wear their clear aligners for at least 22 hours per day for them to be effective. This means you must wear them even while sleeping or they cannot do their best work. Inability to wear these trays at least 22 hours per day will result in prolonged treatment time.  
  • Con: Easy to Lose. Because the clear aligner trays are easy to remove and nearly transparent, patients may lose their trays and need to pay for replacements. This does not apply to everyone but should be considered anyway. 


Schedule an Appointment in Billings, Montana 

At Bennion and Lambourne Orthodontics, we are happy to welcome new patients to our family all year long! We will work with you or your family members on an individual level to determine the best course of action for treatment. To schedule a consultation and see if clear aligners are right for you, find a location to request an appointment on our website today!